Founding Director

Hon. Professor Helen James

Prof Helen James passed away peacefully at Clare Holland House in her sleep at 1.30am, 30 April 2020. Helen was very much loved by her family, respected by her colleagues and will be sadly missed.

Senior Project Officer

Dr Anna Lukasiewicz

Meet our Advisory Board

Our Members

Dr Sebastien Allgeyernatural hazards, tsunamis, coastal amplification, numerical modelling
Assoc Prof Chris Ballarddisasters and epidemics in Asia and the Pacific, cultural heritage in emergencies, oral history of disasters, volcanic forcing, food security in the New Guinea highlands
Prof Gabriele Bammertheory and methods for conducting interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary and other forms of integrative applied research on complex problems including disasters
Dr Keith Barney
Dr Sara Beavis
Assoc Prof Alison Behieimpacts of disasters on women’s health and stress; human-wildlife interactions and climate change; anthropology of disaster
Mr Joshua BreenEquitable transformation, political ecology, regenerative economics
Dr Adam BroinowskiExistential Threats; Critical Discourses of Disaster; Energy and Climate Politics; History of Disaster and Disease in Asia; Social and Environmental Justice; Repair Economies; Australia-Asia relations and Disaster; Interdisciplinary Research Methods.
Dr Aaron BruhnFinancial implications of disasters; Economic recovery; Role of insurance
Dr Chris BrowneSystems thinking, Complexity science, Conceptual models, Systems engineering
Assoc Prof Geoff Caryfire ecology, landscape simulation, fire management, climate change, bushfire law, house loss
Prof Bruce Chapman
Dr Matt ColloffTransformative adaptation to climate change; policy and governance of adaptation; bushfires and forest ecosystem change; floods, droughts and water availability; water governance; history of environmental change
Dr Daniel Connell
Prof Bob Costanza
Prof Phil CumminsHazard, risk and early warning for earthquakes and tsunamis; building fragility, earthquake-induced resonance in sedimentary basins
Assoc Prof Katherine DaniellFloods, droughts, risk governance, water and climate policy, politics and cultures of innovation, inter-organisational collaboration, participatory processes for disaster preparedness planning, futures thinking, crises as windows of opportunity for transformation.
Hon Prof Hugh Davies
Em Prof Stephen DoversPolicy and institutional dimensions of disasters, emergency management and climate change adaptation
Ms Liz DoveyClimate change and other environmental threats & impacts, Pacific islands, biodiversity conservation
Hon Assoc Prof Michael EburnBushfire and emergency management law
Dr Caroline Eakin
Prof Geoff Farrell
Prof Phil Gibbonsland management, house loss, wildlife
Assoc Prof Sigi Goode
Dr Will Grant
Assoc Prof Patrick Haslum
Dr Babak HejraniSeismology; Seismic wave propagation; Earthquake source; Rupture patterns of large earthquakes; Seismic hazard and risk
Assoc Prof Tim Higgins
Dr Fei Huang
Prof Tony Jakeman
Prof Penny King
Dr Aparna Lal
Dr Colleen LauClinical medicine; Public health; Infectious disease epidemiology; Environment and health; Emerging infectious diseases; Zoonoses; Neglected tropical diseases; Disease mapping; Pacific Islands
Prof Joan Leach
Dr Kamalini Lokuge
Dr Andrew MacKenzieOpen space design and planning, land management, place-making , landscape architecture
Dr Emily Macleodclinical psychology; mental health; bushfire recovery; children and families
Mr Daniel MayDisaster history, Indigenous burning practices, and fire management
Assoc Prof Simon McClusky
Assoc Prof Meghan Miller
Assoc Prof Rebecca Monson
Dr Ruth MorganWater history; Climate history; Water security; Environmental history; Histories of climate change; History of science
Dr Sima Mousavi
Dr Ehsan Nabavi
Van Kien NguyenMekong Region and Myanmar, flood resilience, disaster risk, livelihood, agriculture , nutrition, health
Mr Cameron O’NeillData science, Modelling, Predictive analytics, Geological/geospatial dataset acquisition, Geology
Ms Cynthia ParayiwaDisasters and perinatal health, maternal stress, disaster adaptation and resilience, GIS analysis, data visualisation
Ms Melanie PillLoss and damage from climate change, climate change finance, international negotiations, Green Climate Fund, qualitative research, Small Island Developing States
Prof Jamie PittockClimate change, dams, droughts, floods, freshwater ecosystems, governance, policy, water
Prof Israr Qureshi
Assoc Prof Sujatha Raman
Prof Dale Roberts
Prof Stephen Roberts
Mr Sebak Kumar Saha
Dr Larissa Schneider
Assoc Prof Emma Schultz
Assoc Prof Gavin SmithRisk theory, Social impacts of disasters, Disaster governance, Human/non-human interrelations
Dr Jeremy SmithAppropriate technology, Humanitarian engineering, Community-led design
Prof Narci Teoh
Dr Thong Tran(Transboundary) environmental governance; climate change adaptation, social learning and resilience; hydropower development in mainland Southeast Asia; sustainable livelihoods, migration and development; environmental justice; mixed-methods research
Ms Skye Turner-WalkerCommunity-based disaster risk reduction (CBDRR); Indonesia; climate risk; climate adaptation.
Assoc Prof Lorrae van Kerkhoff
Prof Sotiris Vardoulakis
Em Prof Robert WassonLong records of flood hazards, Flood disaster mitigation, Asia, Australia
Ms Patricia Wilden
Mr Bhiamie WilliamsonImpacts of 2019/20 fires on Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples, Bushfire impacts on Traditional Custodiansmr
Mr Tom WorthingtonOnline disaster management training, disaster management software, Defense emergency response, Sahana open source disaster management software, emergency web site design
Dr Marta Yebra
Prof Zhongwei Zhao

Our Affiliates

Prof Mark PellingKings College London, UK
Prof Rajib ShawKeio University, Japan
Assoc Prof Petra BuergeltUniversity of Canberra, ACT
Carl Rhodes PhDRand Corporation, ACT
Assoc Prof Valerie InghamCharles Sturt University, NSW
Prof Claudia BaldwinUniversity of the Sunshine Coast, QLD
Dr Frank ThomallaClimate and Disaster Risk Research and Consulting, NSW
Ms Seona MehargCSIRO, Canberra, ACT
Prof Dorothea HilhorstErasmus University, The Netherlands
Prof David JohnstonMassey University, New Zealand
Assoc Prof Christine KenneyMassey University, New Zealand
Ms Paula DoyleUC Institute for Applied Ecology, ACT
Ms Anumitra Mirti PhDCentral Coast Council, NSW
Mr Andrew GissingRisk Frontiers
Assoc Prof Minako SakaiThe University of New South Wales in Canberra
Dr Allison RifaiQLD Office of the Inspector General Emergency Management
Mr Martijn GoughAither
Ms. Vasiti SokoNational Disaster Management Office, Government of Fiji
Mesake MataitogaNational Disaster Management Office, Government of Fiji